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This is a little back story for all of those individuals that are writing their proposals of a dissertation or a thesis paper for the very first time; thesis proposals are the first step towards your final paper. It usually centers on in class topics or studies of masters or Ph.D. level courses. It is a way for you to clear the path for your research, helping you make a clear blueprint for your final project.

Your dissertation proposal primarily acts as a "how to" manual for your research. It will serve as a catalog containing various aspects of your study. Through your proposal, you will explain what you will be examining throughout your research, how will you be collecting all the necessary data and what will be the process of analysis once you have obtained it.

Your plans for your research may change course along the way, but that is not something to worry about while writing the proposal, you do not have to follow the proposal word for word while you practice your experiments. You write a proposal just to give an outline about what your research aims for, to help identify what direction it may take for your thesis paper.

Always remember to be careful with what topic you chose for your proposal. When you are looking for a good topic to base your research on don’t settle for it without checking that will that topic be appropriate for your particular academic field? And will you be able to finish your thesis paper by the end of the course?

How to Choose the Topic for Your Proposal?

So now that you have a more clear image of what a dissertation proposal is, we can move on to the next point. What topic should you choose for your thesis proposal and why? Making the right decision here is most important. You cannot afford to mess up the theme selection, not one bit.

Carefully select a subject that you know you will be able to present in a suitable way. See if you can narrow down the problem to what is it you are hoping to accomplish with this study and how will you represent that in a clear and concise manner? If you feel you cannot answer these two questions with your current selection, then change your choice of theme straight away.

How Long Should My Proposal Be?

As long as you can write an outline of your selected topic for your dissertation or thesis paper, elaborate the questions your research aims to answer and give a brief explanation of the type of studies, data and methods of analysis you will employ then aim for a simple 1000+ words proposal.

However, before you settle for a specific word count make sure that it is suitable for your field of study. Some aspects of the dissertation proposal, like length and information, highly depend on your academic program/course and the institution you are affiliated to. Your campus may even have set rules about what the structure of your proposal should be; so always check what specific requirements your university has for a Dissertation proposal before you consider writing one, go to your professors from the university or college and clear this out.


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What Do You Write In A Dissertation Proposal?

There are several significant characteristics that your thesis proposal needs to highlight no matter what the structure of your dissertation proposal may be. The introduction, methodology, limits, literature review, aims and objectives of the study are all global constants that must be at center stage in your proposal.

Writing the Introduction

Just like an introduction of any old essay, dissertation, article, or thesis paper the primary objective of the introduction of your proposal remains the same. Setting up your research up for proposal, it is. Therefore, the job of the introduction to offer background on your selected subjects, show what the questions your research is centered around are and linking all that to any comprehensive concern that may surround the hypothesis.

Methodology of the Experiment

Your Dissertation proposal is used to point out a lot of the choices that you will make while completing your research and the thesis itself. One of them is to show what sort of methodology you will be using while conducting your study.

For those that do not know, the methodology of your dissertation proposal is the subdivision where you will elaborate what kind of foundations you have planned to use in your research. You will also need to clarify that what sort of data you are aiming to collect from these methodologies i.e. quantitative or qualitative. And how are you planning to analyze the said data?

If you wish to go further into detail, then you can explain why the approaches that you have preferred for this particular study are the better choice as compared to others that are available.

Your Aims and Objectives

This one is not that hard to figure out, if you are not going to show what are the aims and purpose of your research then why write a proposal at all? No university will let you conduct a study without making sure that the research is of value. So, show the readers what you hope to accomplish with your experiment. Predict what you believe will be the findings of the study.

Add the Literature Review

A brief introduction, a literature review is the citation of all the books and materials you used as references for your research. So in this part of your proposal, you will need to give a background on the materials and references that you used during your research.

You can use this section of your proposal to show how and where your study fits with the past inquiries. You can showcase the link between those earlier studies and your own, or show what difference they may share. Although mentioning all the information that you used from various sources is an important aspect of the write-up; showing all the depth and validity that your research has, you need to make sure to add the influence that those studies had in your study of the topic and all that it brings to the table.

The Limitations of Your Study

You may get the impression that revealing limitations of your research might weaken your argument but that is not the case. You need to talk about the confines that your research has, in doing so you will show that you are acutely aware of the larger and complex issues related to the topic.

The Structure

As said before, the format of your dissertation proposal depends on the specific requirements set by the institution that you are a student of or are employed under.

Your specific course has a role to play in this decision as well. Many college programs do specify what they want from your research proposal in quite a detail. Sometimes your aims and objectives of conducting the study should be a separate subdivision in your proposal, or it will be a condition not to include your methodology in your dissertation proposal.

After you are clear about what to add and what no to in your dissertation proposal, then you can focus on the writing format of the paper. A good way will be to break the proposal into parts, create separate headings and work on them one by one.

Adding a title is also a great idea. If you can write a title for your proposal that is a good sign, it means that your topic is narrow enough to express in a singular heading. A bonus point to this is that you will stay on track while you write your proposal.

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