How can you assure confidential dissertation writing to your customers?

We, at the Dissertation Express, assure confidential dissertation writing to our customers, and it is done by protecting the customer’s confidentiality at any cost, and by not disclosing or revealing their private and personal details and other particulars to any third party whatsoever. Here at the Dissertation Express, we dimply assure 100% privacy of all of our valued customers.

How can I feel safe when placing an order at the Dissertation Express?

The Dissertation Express assures 100% safety to its customers. As a rule, all of your confidential details and other particulars are transferred to 128 bit SSL encrypted server, which is exceptionally efficient and the most reliable capability to safely store the details. Therefore, you are all safe when placing an order at the Dissertation Express.

How do you make sure the production of a completely original and non-plagiarized content during the dissertation writing?

We have a team of experienced and well-versed writers who know how to write on the given subject without relying upon illegal ways. Therefore, not only our dissertations are 100% plagiarism free, but they are, also, custom written in accordance with the provided descriptions and requirements. To make sure the originality and quality of the written material, our Quality Assurance Department utilizes modern ways to critically check the content. For this, they utilize state-of-the-art software applications, and after the clearance we forward the evaluated content to the customers finally.

How do you meet the urgent deadlines?

Once received an order from the customer, our writers immediately start working on the dissertation without wasting a single moment, and they whatever they write they do it considering the given deadline.

Is it allowed to refer Dissertation Express to other classmates and friends?

Yes. You are allowed to refer the Dissertation Express to your friends, colleagues, and classmates.

Do you offer discounted rates to your customers?

Yes. Our pricing structure is very reasonable, and we still give sizeable discount to the customers by introducing different schemes and packages. Usually, the discount is based on the number of pages a customer orders to us. For more guidance, you may go through the pricing structure given in the site.

How do you deliver the completed orders?

Once completed, we directly email the completed assignment to the email address of the customer as an attachment.

What to do when the delivered work is not up to the mark?

In this case, customers can straightforwardly send the faulty work back to us, and we will revise the pre-written work as per your original requirements and revision comments.

Do you, really, offer unlimited revisions without charging a single penny?

Yes, we offer unlimited revisions free of cost. This is an unconditional offer with no strings attached whatsoever, so customers can ask us to revise their papers whenever they want with no questions asked.

What’s the legal status of these kinds of the academic writing services? Is it, really, a crime to seek professional help in writing a dissertation from any third party?

These types of the professional academic writing services are well served under the very guidance of the law, and their mode of services is all legal and lawful by any means. Additionally, you may take help from anyone in order to write a flawless professional thesis or dissertation, and there is, also, no harm in paying to these writing assistants as well. Always feel free to contact the Dissertation Express for writing a professional dissertation, as our services are 100% legal.

What do you do when a customer wants to cancel the order placed?

Our customers may cancel their orders anytime they want. For this, read our Cancellation Policy given in our policy page.

Do you refund the money to your customers?

Yes. We have a comprehensive refund policy. For more details, just go through Refund Policy, as mentioned in our site.

What are the services being offered by the Dissertation Express?

Dissertation Express offers a complete range of the academic writing services to its customers. Besides dissertation, we also write theses, research papers, term papers, essays, and admission essays, as well as the research proposals, etc. We also offer proofreading and editing services to our customers.

What are the payment methods?

You can make the payment by using various options as per your convenience, as we accept the payment made by all the major credit cards e.g. Master Card, American Express, and Visa etc. Customers can also make the payment via PayPal, bank write transfer and western union.

How many the Dissertation Express has served so far?

Since our inception, we have served the hundreds of the thousands of the customers and students, belonging to different countries and regions. This figure cannot be conjectured exactly, but roughly it exceeds to 10000 plus.

Does Dissertation Express have a Facebook page?

Yes, we have an exclusive Facebook page.

Is the ordering process too lengthy or time consuming?

Our ordering process is very simple, quick and effortless. You just need to fill an ordering form with all the required details, as mentioned. Once finished, you just need to submit the form, and that’s it.

Do you rely upon writing software applications for dissertation writing?

We don’t use any kind of writing software for writing a dissertation. Yes, we do utilize specialized anti-plagiarism software applications to check the originality of the content.

May you write the dissertation as per difference writing formats and styles?

Yes. We may write as per any writing format and style e.g. Harvard, MLA, APA, Chicago and Oxford etc.

Does Dissertation Express provide newsletters to its customers?

Yes. We frequently send our newsletters to our regular subscribers customers. If you want to receive the newsletter, you just need an authentic subscription at the Dissertation Express. To subscribe, click here.

Can you guarantee the timely delivery of the dissertations as per the given deadline?

Yes, we give an assurance to our customers that they will always receive the completed dissertations within the given deadline, as mentioned in their order description.

For a dissertation, how much do you charge normally?

Our pricing structure is very affordable, and we charge as low as $12.95 per page.

How can you insure the exclusivity and originality of the written material?

As mentioned above, we only provide 100% custom written material to our customers, which is all genuine, exclusive and original by any means. Thus, whatever we write is 100% plagiarism free.

For writing a dissertation, which formats do you usually follow?

We write the dissertations in all writing formats as required by each customer such as APA, MLA, Harvard and Chicago format, etc.

How do you deliver the completed dissertations?

We deliver the completed dissertation via email in a form of an attached document.

How can we pay to you after placing the dissertation order?

You mat pay us through credit cards such as Master Card, American Express, and Visa etc. We offer secure payment methods to our customers.

Do you receive the payment through some alternative ways?

We normally prefer payment made via the credit cards online, but customers can make their payment via Western Union Money Transfer also. For more details, see the payment options shown in the ordering page.

How do you hire your dissertation writers?

Our writers are hired through a well-defined recruitment method. A majority of our writers are in-house writers, and are salaried employees of our company.

May I communicate with the dissertation writer? How?

Yes, we can easily communicate with the writer, as and when needed. This helps us know your actual requirements completely.

In case of any dissatisfaction shown from any customer, what do you do?

In case of any sort of dissatisfaction as shown from the customer’s side, we offer unlimited revisions. Customers may also get their money back with no questions asked.

What’s the guarantee that you will not miss the given deadlines?

We offer 100% guarantee, as we always deliver the completed orders within the given deadline. In things appeared otherwise, you will get your money back with no questions asked at all.

Compared to the rest of the dissertation writing services, what’s the difference you are offering to your customers?

We are leading from the front in many aspects. Aside from the pricing structures, we offer 100% plagiarism free content to our customers. Our quality is always matchless, and we know how to deliver the order within the given deadline. Our customer support services are very professional, and entire writing processes are supervised by a dedicated team of highly qualified writers and editors. In fact, our dissertation writing services are beyond compare.

Having tried many other writing services before, I always end up with more frustrations and dissatisfaction. Can I rely upon your services?

Yes. You may confidently try out our exceptional writing services, which are 100% guaranteed and well-assured.

Your writers wrote a superb dissertation proposal. Will you offer me any discount if I place a complete order for the dissertation writing?

Yes. You may always ask for the discounted rates. Knowing the fact that our pricing structures are very reasonable and affordable, we still offer discounted rates to our regular customers.