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How important is it?

If you want your paper or dissertation to be taken seriously, then you need an excellent and satisfying conclusion chapter. If you can't use the conclusion section to present your views in a logical and balanced manner, then your dissertation will not do well in the academic community.

Your conclusion is the most crucial section of your entire thesis. Your conclusion chapter is where you are going to present your outcomes and commendations of your research. If your conclusion fails to meet these requirements, then it will show your lack of skill, improper research on the topic as well as a frailer of gathering apt data for the thesis paper/dissertation. So if your conclusion section is lacking, then it shows that you are not capable of dissertation writing.

What to Include In Conclusion Chapter?

Writing a good conclusion chapter requires a number of skills. You must be able to show off that you have an understanding of the research and its analysis. Your conclusion is where you need to interpret the research itself and its study concerning your proposed hypothesis as well as the literature assessments. Try to highlight the results of the investigation and the interpretation clearly with providing proper justification for all the mentioned aspects.

Nevertheless, the most curtail part that your conclusion has to play is to showcase your dissertation’s applicable approvals, the limitations of the research or study, the strengths of all the issues relating to your hypothesis and thesis, and to provide relevant support for all the mentioned aspects of your dissertation or thesis paper.

Another thing you can use your conclusion chapter of your papers is for highlighting the overall view of the topic under study. Do include any restrictions that you had to face while conducting the experiment. The confines for the experimentation may include aspects such as the sample size; your chosen design for the research; how accurate was the survey that you used for the study; how many of the required resources available at the time, and others.

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The Inscription; Tips for Writing a Perfect Conclusion Chapter

How Long the Conclusion should be?

If you want to write an ideal conclusion for your thesis paper, then you have to find that perfect balance of length between too extensive and undersized. Don't get carried away while writing your conclusion; your conclusion is not a separate document but a part of your dissertation so it must look the part. If you can write an end chapter that's rigorous, informative about your research, significant, while portraying all the vivid views, perspectives and sagacity towards the issue of your research, then your length does not matter.

Facts and Numbers

One of the main things that you will be required to showcase within your conclusion chapter is to include the quantitative and qualitative illustration of all the data being studied.


You can look at your conclusion as a way to abridge your research. Go for an accurate summary of your research then after that move on to presenting the recommendations of your study with expressing the margins and assets of the hypothesis.

No New Information

No matter what you may think adding new information which is not elaborated in your dissertation is not a good idea. Your conclusion is for ending the discussion and maybe raising a few questions about the same topics, not starting an entirely new discussion altogether. So, if it was not in the main body or the introduction of your paper then avoid it.


You need to make sure that whenever a reader sets their eyes on your conclusion, they know right away that your conclusion chapter is filled with specific information about all the facts and statistics that your research provided. Conclude by showing off all the critical data that your thesis paper has, whether it is from the introduction or any part of the main body of your dissertation if it is essential to your study; then it needs to be in the conclusion section.

The conclusion chapter often creates a lot of hubbub among those who are new to the plane. You have to cover so much within such limited space; no wonder conclusion end up evoking anxiety amongst college students and even teachers alike. However, just by keeping a level head and following a simple set of rules one can write a quite decent conclusion chapter.

A Look Back At the Questions

All the questions that were highlighted in your thesis paper you have to refer them again in your conclusion chapter. This acts as a way to ensure the validity of the queries.

Your Thoughts On The Matter:

The conclusion chapter is the perfect grounds where you can freely discuss your personal outlooks on the experiment, the topics or the research theories in general. If you have any further recommendations for the readers, on the themes or for research ideas or something else related to the experiment, you can add them in the concluding paragraphs of your dissertation. However that doesn't mean that you are free to write as you please, you still need to be precise and relevant about your recommendations. Explain why or if you see that the present scenario could have been done a bit better.