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Guarantee of Excellence; submit your dissertations, essays, and term papers with confidence.

We take our work seriously. We know the importance of dissertation writing in college or university. This single paper can be the reason for you getting an A or a C grade. You must make an impact here through your words.

Dissertation writing showcases the student’s academic abilities, writing skills, syntax knowledge as well as many other aspects. To put is simply, writing a good paper will open up doors leading to better grades, your graduation, as well as you finding suitable jobs later on in your professional life.

Therefore, you need to work hard on every assignment you get, and most students work day in and day out on their dissertation and essay trying to make an impeccable draft.

We know how much effort it takes to put all your ideas together and project them through your writing, you have worked hard on your paper, but do you think it is ready for submission just yet?

This paper is one of the most critical academic assignments of your college/university life. Not only that, your dissertation will affect your life far beyond the college days into your professional career. Don’t think of this dissertation as a college assignment but a proposal for your future self. And trust us when we tell you, you do not want a rejection here.

It is safe to say that if you or any college student wants to meet the ridiculously high standards of your college/university professors, they need help. And we do just that only better. Do you need help with your dissertation? Buffing out the rough edges; polishing your work; getting rid of silly linguistic and spelling mistakes?

Well, now your papers will be free of all those errors and mistakes. Do you want help? We offer editing and proofreading services from our team of certified professional writers, essayists, and critics.

Let our staff of professionals make sure that your papers are spotless and error free. With decades of experience, our experts are more than capable of handling any essay, dissertation, thesis or term paper.

We offer editing and proofreading services specifically intended for raising your academic papers and dissertations to the highest standards possible of academic essay writing.

How We Handle Editing and Proofreading Your Dissertations and Other Academic Papers

For maximum accuracy and efficacy, we have divided our editing and proofreading services into parts. Making sure that to take time and perfect each aspect of your document. From the writing to the format of the paper; our experts will thoroughly examine each and every paragraph of your dissertation/ thesis paper.


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We Offer A Full Refund Guarantee To Dissertation Writing Customers. If We Are Unable To Finish Your Dissertation Writing Assignments Due To Any Unexpected Problem, We Will Refund All Your Money. This Is Because Dissertation Express Believes In Honoring Its Dissertation Writing Commitments.

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Our Steps to Your Picture-perfect Dissertation

We separate the process of editing and proofreading into three measures.

Number 1

All your submitted dissertations, essays and term papers are directly handed over to expert and certified editors and proofreaders. We guarantee the best professional help with your essay editing/proofreading and nothing else. We assign dissertations to editors that are specialists of the subject and field of study. Wherever academic area your dissertation may be from we have a specialist for them all.

Our editorial staff consists of experts working for decades to perfect their craft. They have mastered the academic writing and shared their knowledge to help others.

They are veterans in the field of academic writing and editing; all our staff has worked for the world's most prestigious colleges and universities. They know what your professors are looking for a dissertation.

Number 2

Now that your dissertation is in the hands of the best individual for the job the next step is narrowing down what are the strong and weak points of your paper.

Your editor’s first task is to focus on the key aspects of your dissertation that you wrote. The editors make sure never to alter any content of the original piece nor try to reshape its meanings. Their focus is only the refinement of your work, filling the gaps that you might have left behind. After they are done with that, the editors start their search for any errors or mistakes within the document.

Always keeping an eye out for any complications or flaws in the;

  • Format and references.
  • The Sentence structure of your paper.
  • The overall presentation of your essay or thesis.
  • Grammar and language slip-ups in the dissertation.
  • The flow of ideas, the logic, and rationality of your paper.
  • How clear are the arguments made within the dissertation?
  • Making sure there are not any spelling mistakes or misprints.
  • The choice of Word, excess repetition, and verbosity problems.
  • Is the paragraph arrangement suitable for this individual paper or dissertation?
  • The quality of your dissertation, all the given conventions, and style of the overall document.

And again, your editors will not tamper with the original content of your essay, no rewriting, changing or modifying the text without your concern.

Number 3

The third and final step, we making sure you are ok with the editing and proofreading of your document. Once our team is finished with all the editing and proofreading process, we send you the said draft for your approval. Review the paper, look for anything you think we might have missed or possibly didn't deliver. Look for the changes made and if having any second thoughts about them you can either contact us or call your editor directly to talk about the issue.

That is one of the unique benefits of using our academic editing and proofreading services. Your editor is available to you at all time even after your draft has been edited thoroughly. Just as before, you can still contact your editor directly. Have any questions or are confused about anything just give your editor a call, he/she will take care of everything. Want a revision of your text? Or maybe change your current editor? No problem. One call will fix it all.

Another benefit of our online editorial services; no extra or hidden charges for any of our editing and proofreading facilities, you always get our premium services.

Submit your dissertations, articles, term papers, thesis and essays with confidence that we will make sure that they are on par with the high standards of your college lecturers, with the guarantee of the highest academic English writing available online.

Choose the Editing/Proofreading Package That Suites Your Needs Best!

We offer separate editing and proofreading services according to the level or writing, the demands set by the professors or the particular requirements and needs of the paper itself. We are aware that not everyone needs the same level of help with their dissertations; some students require a little touch up on their essays while others require much more. So keeping all that in mind, we have made it easier for you to get editing and proofreading help. Just have a look at our editing and proofreading packages and decide for yourself which one you want.

Editing and proofreading 101

For all those aspiring young writers who are aware of how dissertations and essays are supposed to be written and are only looking for a professional opinion on their writing and language try our 101 editing service.

Editing and Proofreading+

Now yet sure about your skills as a writer, require a little more assistance than just a review of your dissertation? Well then, if you are a student that is in need of a thorough check for errors in the language, writing structure, clarity, and logic of your ideas then you need or editing and proofreading service +.