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Research Proposal

Something that students naively do when they have to write research proposals is that they do not understand what it means to write a research proposal or why it is so important but the go ahead with writing one anyway.


How important is a research proposal? You must be wondering. Well, to be honest, if your proposal is weak then so is your research. If you send a poorly written proposal to the thesis supervisory committee, then it is your funeral. Because at that point your project is likely dead and that's a guarantee.

But if you can manage an acceptable proposal, and that paper reaches to the committee, not only does that spell success for your project but it will also work as a platform for your skills and potential to take center stage and be recognized the committee. Your research proposal's primary purpose is to showcase the worth of your research assignment in the particular field of study. Furthermore, this document is supposed to display that you have the level of competence to complete the research.

Therefore, you need to include all the key elements of your research like its process, methodology and all within your proposal. Including all this significant information helps the readers appraise your proposal and the study that you are planning.

What a Research Proposal Is For

No matter what kind of methodology you plan to use or what is the field of study that you belong to, when you write a research proposal you need to answer the following questions; what is it that you are planning to achieve with this research of yours? Why do you want to conduct this experiment? And by what means are you going to perform this research?

Also, you need to convince the masses that the research you want to perform is of importance and will make an impact on the field you are affiliated with. And you can accomplish this through a well-written research proposal. Your research proposal will indicate that you have a critical analysis application, the sufficient information, and the adequate skills for conducting the research and obtaining favored results.

The Quality of your Proposal

So we have established that you need to write a quality research proposal if you want your project to be a success, but what are the standards of quality set for a research proposal? And what does the quality depend on?

The quality of your proposal depends on a balance between the qualities of the research you proposed and the writing of the document itself. Your suggestion might be rejected only by poor writing and nothing else. The hypothesis might be excellent, but it will still be dismissed if you had a weak write-up.

So always make sure that you are writing your proposal in a strong, rational, and convincing manner.


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How to Write a Research Proposal?

Keep in mind that the writing of the paper is just as if not more important than the choice of topic for the study. We will be discussing the write-up in parts to make it a bit easier to understand.

The Title of Your Proposa

Yes, there is a need for a title. It is not that much strategy to writing the title of the project. If you can write a title that is both brief and expressive that you are ready to go.

Writing the Abstract

Always remember to make the abstract of your proposal as brief as you can, do not drag it out keep it at 300 to 400 words max.

Your abstract has to include the questions that you are trying to answer through your research, the justifications for your study and the hypothesis along with the method and the possible results of the research. While writing the method of your research in the proposal you can include the procedures used, the sample size, and the used instruments.

Writing the Introduction

You need to write your introduction as such that it highlights all the essential background and framework of your research problem.

All of that will depend on your level of creativity. If you have the ability to think clearly and add depth to you, research where it is required you will have an excellent introduction.

In the introduction you have to cover the following essentials, they are to talk about or mention the;

  • Research problem of the study.
  • Talk about the limitation of your research.
  • State the hypothesis or theory of your research.
  • Show your research’s necessity and importance.
  • Justify your prospective study and why it is worth doing.
  • Describe major issues and small problems of your research.
  • Identify what are the independent and dependent variables of your research.

The Literature Review

You need to write your literature review so that you can clear a few things,

  • Firstly you need to show that you are making a new claim and not just conducting an old experiment once again.
  • Subsequent, you need to give due recognition to the individuals that have to lead the base for your research.
  • Establish your understanding of the research problems in your literature review.
  • Show what knowledge you have of the theoretical and research issues of your research.
  • Your literature review highlights your skill to evaluate relevant information.
  • Your literature review also shows your ability to amalgam past and present findings.

However, most students tend to end up making silly mistakes while writing their reviews and as a result, their literature reviews end up lacking;

  • A proper structure.
  • Focus and consistency.
  • Lack in keep up with new findings.
  • Fail to evaluate mentioned references.
  • They flop at quoting persuasive papers.
  • And depending too much on irrelevant grounds.
  • Their literature review becomes repetitive and rambling.

Writing the Procedures

The procedure section is quite important. Your method part of your research proposal is going to lay down all your plans for conducting the experiment to the research committee and if you can't impress them here than you might as well consider your project gone.

Your procedure is all about you explaining the study committee what you want to do and how will you do it. Unfolding all the essential components of your techniques for completing the project at hand, that is what your procedure is for. While writing your method section, the only thing that requires your entire focus is to write this subdivision containing all the sufficient information for the reader or in this case the research committee that proves that your methodology is complete.

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Needless to say that you do not have any results of your research thus far and everyone knows that, that is why you are writing a research proposal so you can get that green signal to perform your research to get those precious results you crave.

But, what you need to mention here are the potential results or preferred results you are speculating to achieve through your research. Also, discuss a little about the statistical measures you will use to answer the questions of your research or if one wants to test the validity of your hypothesis.

The Discussion

Through your discussion, you need to convey the possible influence that your research may have.

This is also the section where you need to mention all the confines and flaws that your research has. Express the causes of these weaknesses and if they can be taken out of the equation by any means that you might not have had at the moment.

Here are some bonus tips for people writing research proposals for the first, try to avoid these mistakes in your write-up:

  1. Mediocre writing.
  2. Improper referencing.
  3. Forget to cite milestone studies.
  4. Don’t or can’t follow the APA style.
  5. Too large or undersized proposals.
  6. Fail to define the limits of your research.
  7. Don’t stay focused on their research questions.
  8. Could not make a clear and persuasive argument.
  9. Use indecorous context to structure the research query.

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