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So you have to write a research paper or manuscript to be published in a scholarly journal or perhaps it is the key to getting that Ph.D. you have been working for so long. Nonetheless doing so is not an easy task, it’s not every other day that someone’s research paper is acknowledged.

Various guidelines, minute details and so much more that you have to look out for while writing your research paper. It's not enough to write an engaging piece; your paper must reflect all the aggregate statistics of your research without overwhelming the readers. And of course who can overlook all the tables and figures that need to be efficiently accessible to your audience. You need explicit references and impeccable formatting of your entire document while keeping all the set guidelines in check.

Thinking about all the accurate and detailed features that you have to develop writing your research papers making mistakes is a bound thing to happen. Sadly you do not have any room for error; it is either perfection or rejection with your research paper. But that doesn’t mean that you can have some help along the way.

Who Are We?

Welcome to our online service, let us tell you a little bit about us.

We are the providers of expert help with proofreading and editing research papers. It is of no concern to us whether you are an instructor, a student, a researcher or whatever; we will still assist you with proofreading your research papers.

Our service is dedicated to deliver high-quality editing services for all kinds of academic or scientific research paper and theses.

Some of the documents we offer editing and proofreading services for are; Ph.D. Theses, Dissertations, Research Proposals, etc.

Our Process

The simplest order placement facility is, now, available online. Just go through a well-detailed ordering form before final order placement. This ordering form allows you to write everything you want in your desired dissertation writing.

  • Step 1: Submit Your Instructions
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We Offer A Full Refund Guarantee To Dissertation Writing Customers. If We Are Unable To Finish Your Dissertation Writing Assignments Due To Any Unexpected Problem, We Will Refund All Your Money. This Is Because Dissertation Express Believes In Honoring Its Dissertation Writing Commitments.

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Are You Thinking Of Writing, Rewriting, Formatting, Editing Or Presenting Your Thesis / Dissertation? We Are Here To Give You The Best Thesis Help. We Are Proud To Have A Customer Base Of 10,000 Plus, Comprising Of Students From Renowned Colleges And Universities, Who Have Been Achieving Excellent Results With Our Customized Writing Solutions.

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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!!!

All our editors and proofreaders are highly qualified professionals that have spent years in the field slowly developing their editorial skills to perfection. We make sure that all our editing staff is well versed and experts of their respective fields of study. We have only hired all American writers; editors; and critics in our company, so as to guarantee you help from a native English speaking and writing professional. When we say “satisfaction” we mean it, the prices for our services are incredibly affordable making sure that they are within the means of all that may need them.

Look at your work with confidence in your eyes. Our team of expert editors and proofreaders will help you put the finishing touches on your masterpiece. We are aware of the significance of the directives from the academic or scientific journal; you have to follow every single guideline to the letter or else it is a rejection of your research paper. So alongside clearing away any signs of spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes our editors will make sure that your research thesis is on the right track.

You can have confidence in our professional editors and proofreaders; they make sure that your research paper is absolutely flawless. Finding and resolving any problems found within your research paper such as;

  • Language Errors.
  • Formatting Mistakes.
  • Improper Referencing.
  • Spelling, Typos and Other Errors.

Academic and Scientific Fields

Due to our vast array of highly qualified professional and certified intellectuals, we cover a broad range of subjects and scientific areas of research.

The criteria that an editor has to meet to become one of our professionals is not like the average demand of being good at writing and having some experience in the field. We make it clear that if one is to join our ranks, then they need to show that they have earned their Masters or Ph.D. degree.

All our staff is carefully selected through intense evaluation; we don't take any chance with your future. You will not find any anonymous editors at our website, all of our proofreaders and editors are well-renowned professors, doctors, and scholars.

Trust and Care

The information that you provide us either through the request forms or your contact with our customer care services will always be under our confidentiality laws. We care about our clients and want to earn their trust.

Therefore, we promise the security and privacy of all your personal information and details about your end of the service. What kind of research paper you had edited or proofread, what were the agreements between you and your editor nothing will be disclosed to a third party.

If you have any confusions or concerns regarding our services, editing methods, proofreading approaches or what kind of antiplagiarism software we use to contact our 24/7 operational customer care helplines.