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Introduction Chapter

Why does it matter indeed? Most students often wonder that why their professors are always telling them to be extra careful with the introducing chapter. By now, it has started to sound like an old broken record; every teacher says that the introduction chapter is most important. However, they do not really tell us why. Let us break it down for you.

Why is it important?

So an intro chapter is the first section of you thesis paper, every thesis has one, and it is not that easy to write. The; "it not being easy," part is because even though it is one of the smaller parts of the thesis an intro chapter has a lot to cover. To put it short, your first chapter's job is to set the tone for your thesis paper. So the readers will be deciding from that single chapter whether they want to progress any further or not. So if your introduction chapter is a bust, then it is a probability that no one will bother to read the rest of the document.

This intro is where you get to show your skills and the worth of your thesis paper. Highlight your paper’s importance and what value does it have in the respective community. However, you have to do all that while keeping a clear and interesting inscription format. Examiners and professors often spend much time on the first chapter; through exhaustive evaluation of the introduction chapter teachers can estimate the standard of the entire thesis.

You need to be certain that when someone reads your intro chapter, he or she can clearly pick up on the quality language, writing style, in-depth research, rich content, and systematic structure that your document has to offer. The introduction chapter is your chance to answer the question, “why anyone should read my paper?”

What to be introduce in the first Chapter?

So you cannot add everything from your thesis into your intro, nor does every aspect have a place in your outline chapter. You need only to disclose so much of your hypothesis that the reader wishes to read the entire document. But not so little that the reader cannot tell whether it will be worth spending the time to read through your entire paper. (Sounds fun right?)

Each project or thesis has different components that should be at the center of attention in the overview chapter; however, if to put it in a general perspective one can nail down a couple of things that an introduction chapter should showcase from your assignment.

  • Context Info.
  • Hypothetical Background.
  • Limitations of the Research.
  • Objectives of the Assignment.
  • Brief Description of Your Procedure/ Study.
  • Outlines of Chapters and the Thesis Proposal.

So in essence anything you can use as proper justification for your hypothesis and research while establishing the rationale for your experiment.

You can choose to show to the readers or your professor that why you chose this particular approach towards the topic in the first place. Alternatively, discuss how your methodology is better or improved on the previous ones. To do that you can indicate the flaws of the previous studies and researches and how your experiment overcame them.


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Tips for Writing an Excellent Introductory Chapter

A Rough Draft

It is a good idea to inscribe an initial or rough draft of your introduction chapter at the beginning of your research. Yes, the draft will not be a good quality write-up but what it will do is show you the limitations of your study and your ideals.

Once you have cleared that out it will be easier to write the final draft. Another advantage of this method is that you are free to try whatever you fit; being an initial draft you can alter the later ones as you see the need to, you do not need to anxious about the introduction chapter as the experiment is still under way.

You can think of this draft as a practice run. Moreover, when you have completed your thesis or assignment, then you can go back and tweak that initial draft you wrote, or you can use that draft as a reference for writing a new version. You will have a much better insight of your research and its findings. Having all that information puts you in the position to easily write a better and improved version of your introduction chapter than the one before.

The Language

Most students underrate the value of language in the write-up of a thesis paper's intro chapter. It is a common misconception that arises due to the systematic nature of the paper. Students see the write-up to be all about the data and the info is the main concern of any thesis, even more so of an introduction chapter, you have to be able to convey that information as well, and you can not do that with the weak use of language.

You need to pay attention to the language you choose to represent your arguments if your reader cannot familiarize with it, they are not going to waste their time trying to read your thesis. Your writing has to be clear, don't think that if you use hard words that will impress the readers or attract them towards your paper, infect it just might do the opposite. Just ask yourself this; would you rather read a thesis paper that has the info you need but is quite difficult to understand because of the compound language and words or another document with the same information and research but written much more concise and clear?

Know your readers, who will be reading your introduction papers? What kind of language can they relate to best? You need the readers to stay invested till the end, and that will not happen if they cannot understand the language.

Don’t Slack Off

Writing the introduction paragraph is ironically the final step of your thesis, and that is when the lazy side kicks in. Numerous individuals make the mistake of thinking that they can loosen up a bit while writing the intro. They know that their chapters are good, have quality research and great arguments, so it is forgivable if they write a mediocre intro. It is not their fault for thinking like that, all the research, preparation, writing and argumentation has left them exhausted, they just want to complete their work. However, no matter what, you have to gather all your energy and keep the level of quality constant throughout the introduction chapter; remember the intro chapter will be a representation of your entire document in quality and worth, messing up this part means that all your hard work could go in vain.


Proofreading should be on the “to do” list of every individual writing a document or paper. Proofread and remove any grammatical, spelling or structural errors you find in your induction chapter. Don’t settle for proofreading once, use software online, ask a teacher, maybe your parents, and always double check it yourself.