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Is It Hard Writing The Result and Analysis Sections?

The result and analysis section of a dissertation or thesis can be quite the challenge. Admittedly, they are the most interesting parts of writing in a dissertation, but both the result and analysis demand a lot from their writer.

Combine The Two Or Separate Them?

Write the result and analysis together or as separate sections? Well, that decision is made for you most of the times. Writing them independently or merging the two will depend on guidelines from your campus. There will be perks to both the approaches to writing your result and analysis subdivisions. If you are maybe writing the result and analysis as two divisions; then you will be able to attend to both of them in a more focused manner. You can focus on the results you obtained through your research and after that has been done move on to clarifying the experiment itself. You would be able to freely express what your analysis or investigation stands for without having to worry about the all the possible implications.

As you already know what your results are you can concentrate more on showcasing them in a suitable way, sorting them within your head.

Nevertheless, if you feel it might be easier for you to combine the two parts then go for it. The results and analysis of your research are very closely related, so you will not have to face too much trouble trying to merge the two.

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Note: Make sure that you know all the requirements of your project that your university has set, only consider combining or separating the results and analysis sections after you have carefully evaluated all the given guidelines.


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How To Start Writing The Result and Analysis Chapters?

You need to make an outline for your result and analysis sections, for that you can use methods such as Brain mapping. Start by discussing what your study was aiming for, talk about your findings and how they settle in with your choice of references.

The result and analysis chapter are going to be the longest sections of your paper, break them down into parts. Use chunks of the information to create subdivisions within the two.

Writing the Results

In this section, you need to clarify what are your experiment's principal results. How significant your findings are, statistical studies, write it all in your result.

Furthermore, find and cover any past researches or papers that support your current study. The papers do not have to be identical to yours; just see which ones share your significant interests. If you are at undergraduate or master's level, you will need to include most of your work in the result of your dissertation. The only individuals upon whom this rule does not apply are Postgraduate and Ph.D. students.

Always remember to write this section of your thesis in past tense, the result section of your paper is to highlight the findings of your conducted research. Make sure that you have mentioned all the methods you used during your research. Create a method set out, and ask yourself; have I added all the significant ones?

NOTE: Add the results of only those methods that you have mentioned.

Writing the Analysis:

You can divide the analysis section into four parts, they are:

  1. Interpretation and Explanation of the Results.
  2. Justifying Your Methods and Approaches.
  3. Answering the Research Questions.
  4. Critical Evaluation of the Study.

You need to review your findings in the framework of past researches, see where your results fit in. Then, keeping the sense of your writing in the present, show all the limitations and implications of your research’s findings. Make sure that you only discuss the conclusions that relate back to the result section of your paper.

How to Conclude Them?

When concluding try to sum up all the implications of your findings as briefly as you can. Why are they important? What are their practical inferences? And how can you take the research a step further? Try to answer such question while you conclude your result and analysis.

If you find that your results are controversial and unexpected in some way, try to link them to the context, explain why you think that you got such results. You will need to give a full outlook on your research versus others' work, evaluate the findings and compare it to past researches while expressing the limitations of your research. Do that; and you will have a strong conclusion to your paper.


The result and analysis sections are the two most curtail parts of your dissertation/thesis paper. It is only after you have completed these two sections of your study that you can rest at ease.